History of Print Media on Fleet Street

History of Print Media on Fleet Street

Fleet Street was originally established as a thoroughfare route by the Romans. Multiple churches were then built along the street. Senior clergy lived there. One can still visit the remains of some of these churches when you buy travel money in Camden. Many businesses were set up on the street but soon printing and publishing became the dominant trade in the area. Read about the history of print media in London while you enjoy best money exchange rates on Fleet Street.

In the year 1500, Wynkyn de Worde, the pioneer of English print, set up his office near Shoe Lane from where he published around 800 books. Thus began the association of Fleet Street with printing which flourished for over two centuries. As the 18th century rolled in, newspapers started finding homes on Fleet Street. Walk through the history of printing on while you look for the best money exchange rates on Fleet Street.

London's first daily newspaper, the Daily Courant, published its first issue in March 1702 on Fleet Street. This was closely followed by publication of the Morning Chronicle, again on Fleet Street.

The 19th century heralded a surge in newspaper publication. The newspapers published on Fleet Street had achieved popularity with substantial circulation among the working and middle classes. The popular publications delivered a wide range to include scandal sheets like the John Bull, the controversial Political Register and The Times. By 1827, The Times had increased its size to eight pages! The Daily Telegraph and The Evening Standard followed suit and gave good competition to The Times. Learn about the history of newspapers while you buy travel money in Camden

The first comprehensive English dictionary was compiled by Dr Samuel Johnson who lived in Gough Square of Fleet Street. Now restored to its original condition, Dr Johnson’s house is a museum displaying English Literary History with panelled rooms, a pine staircase, and a collection of period furniture, prints and portraits. The biographer Boswell and Dr Johnson were known to have spent quite some time at Cheshire Cheese, a Fleet Street inn which maintains its charm of the bygone days till date. Make sure to visit Cheshire Cheese while you buy holiday money on Fleet Street.

During the 1980s major newspaper offices were relocated from Fleet Street with the possible exception of News Agency Reuters which remained until 2003. Today, one can find a mix of management consultants and investment specialists with takeaways at street level that serve office workers and Post Office, Fleet Street.

One can find tiled mural depicting the printing history of Fleet Street through a series of tiles depicting Printers and Newspapers offices and also printing presses. One can also find a tile with wood engraving of a Paragon press by Baxter for an unknown trade catalogue and is speculated to be his earliest work outside of his father’s business back in Lewes. While one can find Baxter’s early engravings reproduced in ‘Baxter Colour Prints’ by H G Clarke in 1919, but the wording Paragon Press 1805 on the tiles is not reproduced in the book. Make sure you visit Magpie Alley while you are processing money exchange at Fleet Street.

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